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Types of Counter Tops

Laminate Counter Tops

Laminate is an inexpensive counter top surface that will last many years with care. It is a low maintenance product with a wide variety of colours and patterns that resemble stone, granite, wood, quartz, linen and leather. Textures and finishes are also an option for all colours.

Laminate counter tops will be your most cost effective materials and are suitable for all of your residential and commercial projects. We fabricate post form, laminate with solid surface edging, laminate with wood edging, square edge laminate counter tops, counter tops for tile application, ideal edge counter tops and water falls. Some of the many uses of counter tops is for kitchen counters, islands, bathroom counters, desks, tables, dry bars, wet bars, entertainment centers, shelving and book cases.

Laminate can be in the form of a sheet good as a post form grade and a general purpose grade. Laminate sheets can be used for for cabinets, bar facing, walls, gables, ceiling tile, doors, bulk heads and many more uses.

Available colours

Please ask one of our designers for availability.
Colours are available in five price categories, A for a standard price, E for a mid-range price and M for upgraded price. Available colours can change or become unavailable.

Visit our partners websites for current colours available: Formica, Wilsonart, Arborite, Pionite, Nevamar

Solid Surface Countertops

Corian, Staron, Formica, Wilsonart, Hanex

Stone Countertops

Granite, Quartz, Zodiaq, HanStone, Caersarstone, Silestone, Zenstone, Butcher Block, Laminam, Dekton, Laminam

Get Ready

How to prepare for a measure

  • Please clear off the countertops being measured.
  • All small appliances should also be removed from counter surface.
  • Ensure that a home owner is home for the measure for questions pertaining to the countertops.
  • Please have new sink and appliances (stove or fridge) on site the day of the measure and please notify the person measuring that there are new appliances being installed.  This is to ensure that they will fit properly in your space.
  • All cabinets must be installed prior to measure.
  • Cabinet adjustments can not be made after the measure is completed.
  • If backsplash tile is being changed please ensure that the old tile is removed prior to the measure.
  • Empty out sink cabinet so the person measuring can see the plumbing.

How to prepare for your counter top install

  • Empty all lower cabinets.
  • Existing counter tops, if any, must be cleaned off.
  • Pull out all drawers and store safely out of the way.
  • Water must be shut off.  Please remember that we do not install water filters, reverse osmosis systems or garborators.
  • All appliances (fridge & stove) must be moved out of the way.  Please ensure that the delivery person and installer have room to move countertops around the space.
  • Existing dishwashers must be unfastened, disconnected and moved out of the space unless a re & re dishwasher is part of their package.  If doing a self re & re dishwasher the customer must install dishwasher clips.  Please note that we do not install new dishwashers.
  • Electrical & gas cook tops must be disconnected prior to the install.  We do not install electrical or gas cook tops.
  • If the installer has to move the appliances (fridge & stove) there will be a 2x labour charge applied to the balance owed on the install.
  • If a template is done we drill a hole in the existing tops to hold the template down.
  • No plumbing can be done in a condo or apartment building above the 2nd floor.
  • All cabinets must not be modified after the measure has been done. Please check with your sales person with any concerns you may have prior to your order being placed.



Do’s and Don’ts: How to Maintain your laminate countertop

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