We add to our products a selection of inexpensive granite colors so that you can have the beauty of natural as a living room table, a kitchen table and even an outdoor table.

We have chosen standard sizes to help you target the ideal table. However, since the cutting is done right here in Gatineau, we can make the size according to your requests.

Each color has been specially chosen with a description of the origin of the natural stone. Just click on the color to get its pedigree.

Step 1

Choose the colour

Step 2

Choose the dimensions

Step 3

Choose the table legs (optional)

Step 1

Remnent piece (Granite/ Quartz)

Uba Tuba
Tan Brown
Steel Grey
New Caledonia
Kashmir Cream
Giallo Ornamental
Generic White
Colonial White
Coffee Brown
Black Pearl
Black Forest
Bacca Bianca

Alaska White

Step 2: The dimensions

Remnent piece (Quatz/Granit)

35$/pi2 if the materiel comes from remnent

Personalized your measurement, send us your dimensions
Living Room (39×24) 277.50$
Side Table (19×19 87.75$
Interior or exterior kitchen table (69×36) 603.7$

Step 3: Table Legs (Optional)

Quartz Granit ”V” table leg